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I need a little help || Joe&Darren


"I know it, I love you girls, too," Joe chuckled into the receiver of his mobile and pushed the door to the mall open, still speaking as he did so; "Yeah, hopefully we can figure something out for him. I mean, she seems pretty wrapped up in him so I doubt she’d care even if he just gave her a hug and asked her but…" another chuckle left him and he shook his head; "I won’t. Okay, love you, too. I’ll see you in a little bit, darlin."

With that, he pressed end on the call and stuffed his mobile into his back pocket. Joe wore a dark blue hitRECord t-shirt and on his head he had a matching baseball cap pulled down over his head. His glasses were on and he did his best to avoid looking like…well, himself. The last thing he wanted today was for someone to spot either him or Darren. The purpose of this meet up today was to help his friend find a ring and plan out a proposal - the last thing they needed was someone spotting them and some story ending up on the Internet or in the trash mags talking about what they were seen doing.

Joe made his way to a small coffee vending stand and ordered himself a cup before heading to the spot he and Darren had agreed to wait. He wasn’t standing long before he spotted his curly-haired friend. A wide grin crossed his features and he moved forward, clapping a hand firmly on his friend’s shoulders; “You absolutely sure about this one, buddy?” Of course he knew Darren was sure, but he had to tease just a little.

Darren walked towards his best friend, greeting him. Quickly he rolled his eyes at his comment. “Of course I am. She is it. I’m not gonna get married again.” he pointed out, shaking his head a little. He was sure. He was sure last time as well but Taylor was different. Shawn was a much better person and she was this amazing woman that just fit so perfectly to him it was unbelievable that he hadn’t noticed it before.

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I need a little help || Joe&Darren

Today was the day Darren was meeting up with Joe, he wanted some help with not just finding a ring for Shawn but  also with planning the proposal. He was ready, almost a year after Taylor and him split he is ready to commit again, to commit to Shawn for the rest of his life. She was the one for him, he was sure of that. He wanted this proposal to be special, personal and romantic but better than his last one. Joe had planned this amazing proposal for Anna and now Darren was hoping that maybe he could help him figuring out something special. 

He had gotten ready fairly quicly, told Shawn he was heading out for a little bit and then drove to the mall where he was meeting up with Joe. The mall had some amazing jewelry stores and Darren was hoping that he could find the ring that was perfect for Shawn.

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text to Joe

Joe: Dude, that's absolutely awesome. Seriously. Really fucking happy for you two. She's perfect for you and I haven't seen you this happy in...fuck, I don't even know, haha. So seriously - congrats.
Joe: Hahah, yeah...Anna was pretty taken away with that :oD You want to meet up for lunch one day next week?
Darren: She really is an amazing woman. I wish I would've met her sooner but life sometimes plays out in a weird way. Thank you.
Darren: Haha I bet. Oh yes that sounds good.
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text to Joe

Joe: No shit!? That's awesome! Holy shit, congrats, buddy! Good for you! Hell yeah, I'll definitely help out! You have any particular time in mind??
Darren: Thanks man. I'm finally ready and I just know she is the one so why wait any longer, right? No not really. Maybe you can help me work on my proposal idea.. haven't quite figured that out yet and I just want and need it to be better this time. And since you did this amazing proposal you might be able to help?
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text to Joe

Joe: Yessir...just name what ya need!
Darren: I need some help with finding a ring for Shawn..
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text to Joe

Darren: Hey man! I need you help!
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We need to go baaaack! I miss eating crepes and raspberries with you in bed in the morning, hehe. I love youuuu forever and ever and a day :P <3

I know, we really should go back. how about next week? you and me and a quick weekend trip to Paris? :D I love you tooo forever and ever and two days <3

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Has anyone ever tried Googling themselves? Because I did and this was my reaction….


What came up, man? I never actually tried it.

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#throwbackthursday to Shawn’s and my trip to Paris. I had the best time in the city of love with the love of our life. <3 I love you Shawn. (:

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Still can’t believe our sweet boy, Tucker, is no longer with us. My heart hurts so much knowing I won’t get to feel his sloppy puppy kisses anymore. He was such a lover-boy and brought so much happiness into the world.

RIP Puppy-Monster. <3 :’(

This is so sad, I can’t believe he’s gone now. I haven’t known him for very long but he was one of the most amazing dogs of the world and I love him so much, he will be forever missed. <3

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